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Welcome to RedStar Safety !
RedStar Safety is a sister concern of MSF Group, focussing entirely on industrial safety work-wear.
We have developed specialized garments catering to a wide range of industries.

Basic Work Wear

General Safety Ideal for industrial workers requiring general safety. Industrial workers in factories, warehouse, manufacturing plants, shop floor etc need clothing ...

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High Visibility Garments

High Visibility Ideal for workers needing high visibility even in dark. The fabric complies with relevant European and American standards, ensuring the highest ...

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Oil & Gas Safe Garments

Oil & Gas Safe Ideal for industrial workers in oil & Gas industry. It is very dangerous for the workers to work there without any safety clothing and equipment. Lack ...

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Metal Splash Safe Garments

Metal Splash Safe Ideal for workers exposed to molten metal. Metal splashes might be very dangerous if it comes in contact with human skin. Lack of precaution ...

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Weld Safe Garments

Weld Safe Ideal for workers performing welding works. Welders get burns and injuries all the time without proper protection. Clothing is a major part of ...

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Arc Safe Garments

Arc Safe Ideal for workers exposed to electric arcs. Sometimes it is human error and at other times it happens due to lack of protective clothing/equipment ...

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Al Safe Garments

Al Safe Ideal for workers exposed to the close proximity of molten aluminum. Fabric which is used to provide safety against Metal splashes does not work very ...

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We believe in making industrial working a safe experience!